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A variant of Poker game known as Texas Holdem is the preferred choice of card players. While it is easy to know the best hand in this game, determining a high ranking hard is tricky. That is why knowing about the kicker in poker is important. In this article, we will discuss what is a kicker in poker, the rules applied, and kicker limitations.

What does Kicker in poker mean?

To understand what is a kicker in poker, you need to first understand how Texas Holdem Poker is played. A kicker in poker is a card that helps decide the eventual winner in a poker card should two or more players draw with a similar hand rank. Some hands don’t require kickers like:

  • Royal Flush
  • Straight flush
  • Full hands

The reasons why kickers are irrelevant in these Poker hands will be discussed later in this article.

Also, a poker player with AK will defeat his opponent AQ on an AJ932 game. Although both poker players have the same pair, AK has a superior 5-card hand.

poker Furthermore, a key point to note is that a better 5-card hand will always be declared the winner, irrespective of the number of cards. Usually, a winner is determined via your hand rank, but when the players have a similar hand rank, a kicker will be used to determine the eventual winners.

How a kicker determines a poker winner

Let’s look at these lists of poker hands and how a kicker is played

High hand

A high card is used when none of the poker players has a pair. However, when both players possess high cards, all cards are counted as kickers. To determine the winner, you will take two hole cards and five cards and compare them with your opponent’s. The two low cards are irrelevant in the scheme of things.

One Pair

When it comes to one pair, a kicker can be used when the second card is better than your fellow player’s own. When this scenario happens, your opponent is out kicked from the round.

Two pair

One card kicker can play with two pairs only when both of your hole cards aren’t involved. In this case, the pot will be divided if you and your opponent have similar pairs using hole cards.

The winner of two pairs is decided by knowing the best-ranked pair between both of you and if they are the same, you start comparing the second pair.

Three of a kind


With the three of a kind, a kicker decides to use the same way as a pair. Straight. When it comes to straight hands, there is no need to use a kicker because this hand is done using 5 cards.


This is a similar hand to flush because there is also no need for a kicker. After all, it also requires 5 hands to be used.

Full hands

You don’t have kickers in a full house because hands are always arranged similar to two pairs.

Four of a kind

This also doesn’t require a kicker because it works with quads. However, when four of a kind is on boards, a kicker could be used.

When deciding what is a kicker in poker, players have to understand the hands on which kickers can play a role. These hands have been explained and places where kickers aren’t needed, have been highlighted.

Which are the basic rules to bet on sports betting sites?

Although live poker or online poker is profitable, you can also make money by playing other game variations. Since poker has its limits, it is possible to extend your horizon by experimenting with sports betting. So, if you are a novice gambler and would like to test your skills, the following tips will guide you to make your bet profitable.

Start by selecting the best website

First, you should know that all gambling sites are very similar. Whether their settings, their level of security, their payment method and the game catalogs accessible. Nevertheless, their number is constantly growing and among the legal platforms, there are also fraudulent sites that want to scam novice gamblers. In order to avoid losing your money on these sites, the experts reveal below what you need to know in order to recognize the authorized operators.

Choose a legal platform

To determine the legality of a poker platform, refer to its approval by the government authorities. In order to prevent getting lost in your search, you just need to check the best tennessee sports betting sites to find the approved platforms. By following this link, you will find only gambling portals where you can bet safely. These interfaces are associated with a high security level to preserve your confidential personal data;

Determine the software used by the website

Whether it’s poker, blackjack, slots, roulette or sports betting, the site will need to use powerful software. Currently, SSL or Secure Sockets Layers is still the most secure authentication tool used by webmasters. If the site you are considering betting on is able to provide an SSL certificate, this is a sign of its seriousness. In this case, your personal information, your login name and your bank details will be protected from potential cyber attacks.

Get interested in how these sports betting platforms operate

Before embarking on a sports betting adventure, make sure you know enough about the process of how it works.

For example, in order to place a bet with full knowledge of the facts, a bettor must know how to define the odds. It is your probability of winning the bet on a particular bet. The operator refers to several parameters to determine your potential win. If the probability of winning is high, the jackpot you receive will also be high if your bet is won.

How to win sports betting prognosis?

Winning bets is not easy for beginners in sports betting. It is crucial to only bet on sports or disciplines that you are familiar with and know well. Whether it’s tennis, soccer or horse racing, there are several factors that need to be taken into consideration. For example, it is not enough to refer to numbers or the skills of the players, because winning a bet requires concentration.

In order to make sure that you experience success as a professional bettor now, they reveal the secret of regular sports betting wins below.

  • Define your bet. This first step is necessary to determine your bankroll. For example, you can assign 15 or 20% of your revenue to sports betting. With this amount, you can build up your starting capital to grow by betting;
  • Evaluate and compare every match statistic: A bettor’s success depends on excellent analysis of the prognosis and any other crucial information about the tournament. If it’s a horse race, for example, don’t be afraid to ask about the jockeys’ history, the weather and the horses’ condition. For the matches, the probabilities put forth by the experts are essential to determine the eventual result of the game and bet money on them;
  • Use your welcome bonuses in the best way possible: sports betting sites as well as virtual casinos have offers for new subscribers.  In this case, you can use those bonuses to get ahead of your winnings while limiting your risk of losing.                                                                                          

what is a kicker in poker