How to avoid stretch marks in bodybuilding ?

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Contrary to popular belief, stretch marks do not only affect pregnant women. They also appear in men and women who practice weight training. Fortunately, there are tips to prevent them and to fight against them.

The prevention of the appearance of stretch marks when practicing weight training

There are three main tips that can help prevent stretch marks from appearing when you are a bodybuilding enthusiast.

Control your practice

The first and most important tip is to practice moderate weight training. It is indeed an intense practice that results in the appearance of stretch marks through the rupture of the subcutaneous elastic network. It is therefore recommended to avoid a practice resulting in gain greater than 1.5% of the total weight per week. To do this, it is advisable to reduce the duration of your weight training sessions and alternate with other less intense physical exercises.

Hydrate well

It is also advisable to consume enough water every day and especially during weight training. Dehydrated skin is in fact more likely to see stretch marks appear when it is subjected to high pressures generated by weight training. In addition to internal hydration, it is also recommended to consider external hydration by taking care of your skin through the use of certain products. These include moisturizers, vegetable oils (sweet almond, for example), and vegetable butter (aloe vera gel, shea, etc.).

Adopt an anti-stretch mark diet

The third and final tip for preventing the appearance of stretch marks relates to the consumption of anti-stretch mark foods. These are nutrients containing certain types of vitamins and trace elements that contribute to good skin health thus preventing the appearance of stretch marks. We can quote:

  • vitamin C helps in the production of collagen and is found in fruits and vegetables.
  • Vitamin A contained in meat and dairy products and promotes skin cell renewal.
  • Vitamin E promotes the regeneration of the dermis and is found in dried fruits and vegetable oils.
  • Vitamin B5 participates in tissue growth and healing. It is found in cereals, cheeses, organ meats, etc.

Regarding trace elements, these are mainly zinc, copper and silicon. They are also found in meats, grains and dried fruits.

The trick to fight against stretch marks if they appear

If stretch marks do appear despite the above tips, there are ways you can overcome them. The most effective is cosmetic surgery performed by a dermatologist. There are several types, namely:

  • laser surgery to remove stretch marks with laser
  • microabasion, which removes the surface layer of the skin
  • endermology which is a technique of deep massage of the skin using specific tools

These techniques, unfortunately, cost a fortune especially when it comes to laser surgery.

Stretch marks are basically a skin problem that concerns both pregnant women and bodybuilders. However, there are tips and techniques to prevent their appearance, but also to make them disappear once they appear.