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The profession of a private taxi driver is a profession that does not require special training apart from obtaining a category B driving license. It is a job whose salary varies depending on the country and especially the city. A job with many advantages and a satisfactory income, the profession of the private driver is an attractive field as one could imagine. So how much do they actually earn as private taxi drivers?

Cost of the services of a private taxi driver

Generally, the clientele of private taxi drivers are largely individuals, tourists, various personalities and many others. Precisely what it takes to hire a driver is not fixed. The cost depends on several variables such as hours (day or night), city, type of service requested, etc.

In other words, the prices for some are dynamic and related to the mileage traveled. 1.05 euros per kilometer 0.30 euros per minute all together with the costs of support are therefore the price of a VTC. The VTC is the short form of a passenger car with a driver. This Uber pricing is applicable in the city of Paris. Specifically, Uber is an application that puts VTC drivers in direct contact with customers for orders.

From Lyon to Paris, via Nantes, Marseille, Toulouse, these prices are influenced by the points of departure, the geographical location of the airports and the various destinations of the customers. In the private taxi market, there is a competitive pricing practice where everyone strives to provide better service at a lower cost. To find out how much it takes to hire a private taxi, comparing different fares is an ideal approach.

An idea of ​​the overall income of a private taxi driver

Like the remuneration in any profession, the salary of private taxi drivers is also evolving. In a fairly generalized estimate, the monthly income of private taxi drivers in France can amount to 1,800 euros gross. This amount corresponds to the beginner in the corporation.

To this salary are sometimes added the gratuities of certain clients who are happy with the services rendered. In addition to these elements, this indicative salary remains impacted by other factors such as the status of the driver in particular. The private taxi driver can be on his own account, he can also be employed by a company or an individual. In either case, the estimated salary for a beginner is around 1,800 euros gross per month.

In career development, the remuneration of a private taxi driver can actually be estimated at between 2,500 and 3,500 euros. The 4,500 euros are still possible to reach. It all depends, in this sense, on the employer. In addition, the desire often nourished by private taxi drivers is to succeed in obtaining a contract of indefinite duration. In this context, the employer can be the State, large multinational companies, individuals, or companies specializing in car rental. This is the ideal dream of most private taxi drivers

In the final analysis, private taxi drivers provide services with varying costs. It is, therefore, necessary to carry out a comparison of the different tariffs to fully understand the realities of this body.