How to hire a private driver in Bangkok ?

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A private driver is a professional responsible for driving express customers. In Bangkok, this type of service is very popular with tourists and business people. The reason for this interest is that the city is immense and of atypical urbanization. In such an environment, it is really preferable to have a personal driver for your trips.

Hiring a private driver in Bangkok: what you need to know

Bangkok is a capital renowned for its immense tourist attraction. The city is so big that it is absolutely necessary to be driven.

For this, the options are diverse. The better-off prefer to hire a private driver for their needs. Moreover, this service is expanding rapidly in the Thai capital. You will therefore have no difficulty in finding a personal driver.

Only, to avoid damage and prejudice, entrust your request to the authorities. It is simply a matter of signaling your intention to hire a private driver. These statements protect you from many dangers, especially if you are a foreigner. Moreover, if you are looking for the best options, opt for quality institutes and services such as:

  • travel agencies;
  • tourism institutes;
  • the transport union or a company of private drivers.

You can find the premises of these companies at your tourist office. Once this step is done, here is the procedure to follow to hire a private driver in Bangkok.

Make a request to your travel or tourism office

You must apply to your office before hiring a private driver in this vast capital. To do this, go to your travel agency or a police station in the capital. An administrative document will be submitted to you for completion. It will be a question here of stating your motivations for the requested service. In principle, the request is made in 24 hours maximum or less than that. A professional catalog is now offered to you to make a choice.

Consult the Bangkok private driver catalog

Inside said catalog are the services of personal chauffeurs from Bangkok. Depending on your needs and your budget, choose the service that best suits you. In Bangkok, valet services are plentiful. In addition, most of them offer tailor-made services. However, given the non-traceability of the offers, it is recommended to turn to professionals.

Launch a call for tenders and negotiate the employment contract

If you have local knowledge, it will be easy for you to hire a private driver. Otherwise, a tourist professional is the best option. To do this, you can request assistance from the legal authorities or consult the services offered on the Internet. The last step is therefore to launch a call for tenders. In principle, it costs you less than if you go to these structures.

So all you have to do is recruit a private driver who meets your expectations. With professional advice, draw up a contract to finalize the hiring process. Usually, the contract is presented by the private driver company. In Bangkok, these structures are partners with travel agencies.