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All medicines come with proper instructions and patient symptoms, before consuming any medication we must go through all its constituents and effects in order to understand the cases and medical conditions where even a great medicine can become a great danger. So to know about the conditions where it can be used we need to study about its ingredients first.

Major active ingredients of Kratom capsules

The major active ingredients of the Kratom capsules are alkaloid mitragynine and alkaloid &-hydroxy mitragynine. So now, as we know the major active ingredients of the Kratom capsules, let’s head up to the major concerns about who are the patients who should and the ones who shouldn’t consume these Kratom capsules. As clinic studies and case studies show, alkaloids have great medicinal properties like anti-inflammatory, analgesic .i.e. pain-relieving effect as well as have stimulant-like effects. Hence, these capsules can be a great remedy for patients who possess the symptoms of Fibromyalgia. So the Kratom capsule can be consumed by the patients who are suffering from:

    • Fibromyalgia
    • Pain
    • High blood pressure
    • Diarrhea
    • Depression
    • Withdrawal symptoms from opioid drugs.

On mentioning that, we now are aware that who are the people that can consume this capsule.

Cases or medical conditions where Kratom capsules should be avoided

Higher dosage of the Kratom capsule is a great restriction as it may lead to great health hazard situations like Brain swelling, breathing problems, liver damage, seizures, as well as severe cases, which may also lead to death.

During Pregnancy: As the Kratom capsules have addictive actions, hence if it consumes by a pregnant lady, the baby is also effected and fed with the same capsule inside the womb. So, when the child is delivered, he or she will most probably face withdrawal symptoms as there is no more feed off the capsule given to them. The newborn may face mental disorders and more physical symptoms too. Hence it is vastly suggested by all doctors that a pregnant lady must not consume the Kratom capsules.

During the Breastfeeding period

Similar to the case of a pregnant woman, a lady who is breastfeeding must also avoid the Consumption of Kratom capsules, as it may go with the feed to the child’s body and cause major side effects or health hazards. There are not many clinical studies that show that Kratom capsules should be avoided during the breastfeeding period, but to stay on the safer side, a mother must avoid it in order to maintain the good health of the baby.

People with alcohol dependence

the stimulant-like effects of the Kratom capsules also include great social interaction, talkativeness as well as focus increasing effects. These all are great ones, but when it comes to alcohol, the people who have alcohol dependence and drink alcohol frequently may develop suicidal tendencies on the consumption of Kratom capsules. Hence, Kratom capsules should strictly be avoided by people with alcohol dependency.

Medical conditions of mental disorders

Same as the case with people who have an alcohol dependency, if a person with mental disorder consumes Kratom capsules, he or she may develop suicidal tendencies to great heights. Kratom capsules also worsen the mental disorder conditions as they have a great effect on the CNS. So, for all the above-mentioned cases, Kratom capsules must be avoided, and precautions must be taken if one is already consuming these.

What is the perfects dose?

Prescriptions of doses always depend upon several factors of an individual, such as age, height, weight, medical conditions, etc. The basic doses of the Kratom capsules must remain minimum depending upon the requirements. Being a plant derivative, it is considered safe, but there is nothing safe if taken in high amounts. The proper dosage can be determined by a Pharmacist or physician who can guide you properly.

Some FAQs

While we study about any medicine or drug, there are several questions that occur in our minds. So to help you get the answers to your questions, we have got the answers to some of the most Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Kratom capsules. These questions are:

Can Kratom be tested by a drug test?

Due to less amount of research on the plant and drug, Kratom is not included in the list of standard Drug Screens. Hence it cannot be tested through a Drug test. But there are some places in the U.S. where Katom tests are also available now.

What is the effect of the Kratom capsule on the brain?

The alkaloids present in the Kratom capsules interact with the opioid receptors present in the brain as a result of which sedation, pleasure, and decreased pains can be noticed. These also interact with the other receptors of the brain and hence produce stimulant-like effects. As a result of Increased energy, talkativeness, social confidence, etc. are noticed.