How to improve team building ?

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Having appeared since 1980, team building is a revolutionary concept which means in simple French “building a team”. It aims to strengthen cohesion within a group of people or between employees of the same department or company. So, do you want to motivate your employees in other ways? Here are some tips to boost team building in your business.

Boost team building through sports or cultural activities

To improve team building within your company, there are several options available to you. You can opt for activities such as karting, laser games, dancing, rafting, choir, tree climbing, etc. The particularity of these activities is that they offer each of your employees the opportunity to express or bring out various talents and potentials other than those put forward in their professional life. They also allow each employee to rediscover these colleagues, and to discover skills and passions similar to theirs at home. Through these activities, employees also share common memories, which helps strengthen their sense of belonging to the same team. These activities are very effective in resolving conflicts between employees. Indeed, they allow everyone to physically atone for their resentment and discontent so that a better dialogue atmosphere takes place.

Boost team building by learning new skills

Learning new skills is a very effective method of allowing your employees to come together at the same level. This team building practice helps to forge a new affinity between employees so that the moments of discussion become much more professional and profitable for the company. This animation also helps to strengthen collaboration between employees and the group spirit. Indeed, during the learning process, all employees face the same difficulties at the same time, which means that mutual aid and cohesion develop naturally.

Boost team building by role-playing

Role-plays are recognized to bring very good results in terms of conflict management within companies. The principle of the game is quite simple. Each employee is called upon to temporarily take the place of one of his colleagues and to copy him in these actions. This way of doing things allows employees to take turns understanding each other’s mission. It also makes it possible to give meaning to the collective, that is to say to teamwork. However, to carry out this activity successfully, it is important to start by putting the roles of each employee together like a puzzle.

At the end of the game, each employee is supposed to have become aware of the constraints, objectives, and issues related to the work of these employees. This makes the relations between them become less strained and confrontational.

Boost team building by playing the originality card

Team building activities are not limited to dedicated days. There are indeed several other, mostly uncommon team building formats that can be important in a team environment. These include birthday parties, picnics, outdoor activities with inflatables, gardening, etc. Note that to play on originality, you can also initiate cooking activities and taste the dishes you have made. You can also organize a giant flash mob, initiate gaming evenings in the casino, do quad rides with colleagues or play a big game of bubble football. To create stronger bonds between your employees, you can also make them travel through time by organizing a console game with a good old Mario.