How to make a funny announcement for a lost cat ?

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Finding a lost cat can be complicated especially the first time. Some cat owners find the comical aspect of this by trying to make a fun announcement for a lost cat. However, not many people are good with lost cat ad funny ideas which can make them find their cats easily. Let’s look at some great ideas on how to make a funny announcement for a lost cat.

Don’t be in a haste

To make a funny announcement for a lost cat, just be idle. Many people will be surprised, however, being quiet about the situation may be the best idea. A good number of missing cats will come back, there isn’t a reason to run helter-skelter.

Look around your neighborhood

Immediately you notice you have a lost cat, check around your street and locality. It is advisable to go with your friends to widen the search. This method will be effective less than 12 hours you notice the cat is missing.

Create a Lost cat poster

This lost cat ad funny idea is excellent and works well. This will be better if you use software that has a much-lost pet template that is simple to use. They come with features like:

  • Thousands of templates;
  • Image enhancer;
  • Picture cropping.

Most poster software comes in paid and free editions.

Use the Internet

If you are wondering how you can make a funny announcement for a lost cat, the Internet is a viable option. There are many excellent social media platforms you can use to announce your lost cat. Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook are good examples.

Local TV and Radio stations

Many people might believe it isn’t effective, but placing a lost cat ad funny announcement on radio and televisions is a good option. This medium allows you to spread the word that your pet is missing.

Alert your neighbors

Anytime you notice that your cat is missing, tell those around you immediately. Cats don’t usually stray far, except they are stolen, therefore tell your neighbors to widen the search.

Tell local Animal shelters

Most found dogs by locals are immediately given to the local animal centers for proper care. Cat owners should as a matter of urgency check close centers to know if their lost cats have been seen.

Check a close veterinary hospital

Make a funny announcement for a lost cat at any vet that is close to you. This becomes essential because some people might have seen the cat injured and taken it to the Vet.

Talk to the chip firm

For cat owners who put microchips in their cats, they should immediately call them to track the lost cat. These technology firms have good resources which they can use to get the lost cat quickly.

Use a pet detective

This might be an expensive option, however, enlisting a private pet detective is very effective. There are good and reliable pet detectives who can do a good job at affordable rates.

Speak to pet associations close to you

Many pet associations deal in helping their members in finding stolen cats or lost cats. If you are a member, it will be easy for you to talk to them to help you find your lost cat. Even if you aren’t a member, still visit their centers to get appropriate help.

Making a funny announcement for a lost cat is an effective avenue of finding your missing cat.

When you lose a cat, it is not always easy to find it. They are quite independent animals, and once they start to show their face outside, they will always go far away. However, they may never come back. By the way, the same goes for your other animals, such as dogs. Nevertheless, you can file a missing persons report at

Let people know that your cat is missing

For many people, a pet is a member of the family, especially for single people, families, couples, etc. Children love them and create a bond with them. Children love them and form a strong bond of friendship with these balls of fur. So if you have lost your cat or dog, let your family, friends or neighbourhood know that your cat has not returned and to let you know as soon as possible if they see it.

In a second step, you can make several papers with a photo of your lost cat or your dog that is also lost. On this paper, you should put a photo of your pet, its name, your first and last name and your telephone number so that they can contact you.

If all this has no effect after a few weeks, you can use the website In particular, you can make this poster public, which will give you a better chance of finding your pet.

Pet Alert USA

The site will allow you to boost the display of your wanted poster on the internet. As a reminder, statistics show that 15% of cats disappear unintentionally and 75% of them end up back with their owners. How do you do this? Through the Pet Alert USA website. The site has made it possible to improve the visibility of missing pet reports — for both cats and dogs.

The Internet does not only have a bad side, moreover, you can also file search notices with social networks which have a very good visibility among young people. Don’t wait any longer and find your cat (or your dog) quickly thanks to the internet and the service offered by the website we presented above. Moreover, for people who have lost their dogs, a tab is specially designed and dedicated for them. The information requested is the same and will be boosted in the same way as for the cat search notices.