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Home insurance with student coverage : Choosing the right student insurance

The student life marks the beginning of a teenager’s independence from his or her parents. From then on, students must take care of their own financial needs while ensuring that their budget is managed wisely. Thus, the student will cover some or all of his/her educational and administrative expenses. The most essential of these expenses is housing rental and home insurance for students. Without this insurance, the student cannot rent an apartment to pursue his studies. Here are some important tips to learn more about insurance for students. You can also find out in this article how to get a cheaper home warranty adapted to your budget.

What does home insurance with student cover?

The law stipulates that all tenants of furnished or empty accommodation must guarantee the rental risks that may arise during the term of their contract. This same rule also applies to students renting a property for academic purposes. However, home insurance for university students is less expensive than standard home policy. To find out more about this type of insurance, you can read about the contents of a minimum coverage for a student below:

  • Fire or explosion ;
  • Flooding ;
  • Glass breakage ;
  • Natural disaster;
  • Theft and vandalism;
  • Terrorist attack.

Which company offers home insurance with coverage for students?

As this is a coverage package, all mutual insurance companies on the market propose this option. However, in view of the student’s profile, offers in his favor must take into account his requirements. Only some entities have taken care to personalize the packages according to the student’s profile. It is therefore necessary to analyze and compare the available offers to find the cheapest one.

Once you have completed your comparison, you can finalize your contract. As long as you are sure you have landed on the best offer.

To conclude, you simply sign the insurance contract with the mutual insurance company of your choice. In this way, you will quickly obtain a certificate of home insurance for students. This document will serve as proof to the landlord before you sign the rental contract.

On which basis is the “insurance” quote established?

As there are a variety of entities offering insurance, there are also a plethora of choices. So it’s easy to get lost if you don’t learn about rental insurance and the criteria for determining your rate.

To avoid incorrect estimates that can increase your annual fee, you should also pay attention to the limits of coverage, the scope of insurance and the amount of the deductible. For your information, the deductible is the amount you will have to pay in the event of damage, after the insurance company has paid its share, in order to reimburse you for this property damage.

When quoting, be sure to add optional coverage if you need it. For example, you may want to include insurance for electronic and computer equipment. The same goes for legal protection or assistance in case of emergency.



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