How deal with high flange when repairing a leaking toilet bowl ?

HomeTricksHow deal with high flange when repairing a leaking toilet bowl ?

You have noticed a major water leak from your toilet, all it takes to dramatically increase your water bill. The best solution is to fix it very quickly so as not to face further damage. This problem is generally due to a too high bridle, here is what to do in this situation.

Raise the bathroom floor level

It is possible to raise the ground level to solve the problem of an excessively high bridle. If you go for this solution, you can use rubber shims. They are available in stores at fairly ridiculous prices. Since they are made of rubber, they can be compressed without deteriorating. This makes it easier for you to work even when you are not using locks to immobilize them. Afterward, you should put sanded grout around the toilets, while leaving some space around the holds.

The chocks must be removed after 24 hours. They can be a bit difficult to remove, but you can break them off by hand since they are no longer really useful. Use the rest of the grout to seal off the rest of the imperfections caused by your repair. Finally, you have to tighten your nuts on the cabinet bolts. Do not go too hard or risk damaging the bridle again.

Lower the level of the toilet flange

It is possible to solve the problem of the leak, even by adjusting the height. If you prefer this option:

  • start by shutting off the water supply at the inlet tap
  • rinse the system and empty the water tank
  • use an adjustable wrench to disconnect the water supply line
  • unscrew the fixing bolts that are on each bottom side of the toilet bowl
  • use an adjustable wrench to make it easier to remove the nuts
  • remove the nuts and washers to lift the toilet up and set it to the side.

After this step, the wax ring must be cleaned from the base of the toilet and up to the surface of the flange. Remove the mounting bolts which have long grooves. They are found along the edges of your bridle. With a rag and cleaning solution, clean off any residual chemicals that are in the toilet flange.

The next phase is to use extension cords on the top of the flange to adjust your toilet. Put the new bolts with smaller grooves in the base flange. Use silicone glue on the surface of the extender and the flange, with a caulking gun, except in the top extender.

You can install a new wax ring at the base of your toilet, to allow the rubber seal at the ring to go down and away from the toilet.

Finally, you have to put your toilet back in place by arranging the nuts and washers. Reconnect the water circuit and make sure the top of the nut is level.

In summary, you have two solutions for dealing with a too high toilet flange. You can level the bathroom floor or lower the level of your flange. Calling a plumber is also a good option if you are not that handy.