What is the best flower shop in Morocco?

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Whether it’s for a wedding, birthday, or funeral, flowers are essential for all occasions. There are multiple kinds of flowers with different meanings and representations. What is the best flower shop in Morocco? Your search ends here as we give you tips on how to choose the best florist as well as the top ones known for their tremendous variations and excellent service.

Best flower shop Morocco: criteria to look out for

When searching for the best flower shop in Morrocco, there are a few things you need to consider.

  • Flower arrangements for events

For your desired event, you need a flower shop that has professionals who can perfectly select flowers to suit your event. The option of making a custom order should also be available.

  • Customer service

Customer service is an essential part of selecting the best flower shop in Morocco. You will need to constantly communicate with your flower shop when you’re hosting an event or simply need their services. The flower shop should be able to handle enquires well, and offer exceptional customer service.

  • Delivery services

Delivery service is also something to consider when choosing your flower shop. Do they offer delivery? How long does it take them to deliver? Is the delivery fee fair? The answers to these questions will help you in choosing the best flower shop.

Top flower shops in Morocco

Taking to account the above-mentioned criteria amongst others, here are the best flower shops you can find in the country.

Yassab Floral Design

Yassab Floral Design is a flower store located in Marrakech, Morrocco. It was founded in 2014 and popularly known for its service in providing trendy flower arrangements, sales of plants, bouquets, and other event arrangements. The flower store is just by the entrance of Radisson Blu in Gueliz. The floral design shop has a functional online store where customers can get information, pricing, and bookings for occasions. They are also working toward opening another branch of the flower store within Morrocco in 2021.

Yassab Florist Design is owned by Parisian florist Sabrina, who has established herself mainly as a wedding florist. She creates gorgeous table floral arches, table arrangements, corsages, amongst others. Besides having fresh flowers, Yassab also offers gifts and chocolates that complement floral gifts for different occasions.

Vita Art Florat

Vita Art Florat is also a flower store in Morocco. It is owned by Vita Maroc, a Moroccan with chains of stores in Casablanca, Rabat, and other locations.

The flower store, Vita Art Florat, is in the Gueliz neighborhood and has colorful and beautiful variations of flowers and plants. They have the best flower for any event of your choice. Additionally, Vita Art Florat accepts online orders and deliveries, thereby making it easy for people in Morocco to get flowers for various occasions.

La Kiosque à Fleurs

Another top flower shop in Morocco is La Kisoque à Fleurs. They offer stylish bouquets which comprise only the best flowers. The flower shop is located in Marrakech as well and offers floral designs for weddings, events, and other special occasions.

The flower store is owned by Catherine Villier, a florist in Marrakech. The flower store is located inside La Mamounia Palace Hôtel, and also offers wedding décor, table arrangement, bridal bouquet, and internationally imported flowers/plants. They are popularly known for their high-quality roses, hydrangea, and fine orchids as well as other flowers that are colorful and carefully selected.

At La Mamounia Palace Hotel, some samples of the florist work are displayed.