How much does crosslinks accounting software cost ?

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Crosslink is professional tax software that you can buy at different prices. These vary depending on the customer’s option. Besides the existing prices for the different crosslink versions, other types of pricing are done for this software solution.

Pricing for the different types of Crosslink

Pricing for online or online crosslink software starts from US $ 1,495 per license. This is option 1 which is unlimited. For option 2, this is a return payment up to US $ 349. It includes the first 5 returns, with $ 40 per individual federal return and $ 35 per individual state return.

For the crosslink business, there are also two options. Option 1, which is unlimited, costs $ 999. As for the price of Option 2, it is $ 600 (discounted prices available), with $ 35 per federal enterprise return and $ 0 per state enterprise return.

For the standard crosslink, both options also exist. The first unlimited option is $ 999 while the price of standard option 2 is reduced to $ 600 with $ 35 per federal business return.

Other crosslink pricing and costs

There are three other common pricing models: perpetual license, subscription, and commercial open source.

In this alternative pricing model, the system is accessible over the Internet. Payment is made by user or by subscription. Customers are required to pay the recurring monthly fee up to a specific period of use of the tool. The initial cost of customization and integration is lower compared to the cost of the perpetual license.

The initial cost includes the costs of installation, customization and integration with other existing systems, in addition to the perpetual license fee. The recurring cost is higher because customers have to make monthly payments as a subscription fee. It can include the cost of updates, maintenance, upgrades and fixes. The perpetual license requires a customer to pay an initial fee to own the tool on-site for a specified period of time. For commercial open source, you can get the system for free, but you have to take care of maintenance, customization, troubleshooting, etc.

When it comes to crosslink customization, here are some estimates:

  • minimal customization, integration with 1 or 2 systems, costs $ 2,500
  • standard customization, integration with 3 to 5 systems, costs $ 10,000
  • the fully customized system integrates over $ 25,000.

Most companies prefer data migration from the vendor. The cost of data migration depends on the number of records you plan to make. Typically, 1,000 records cost $ 500. 10,000 records buy for $ 2,500. The 100,000 records cost $ 25,000 while the 1,000,000 records cost $ 250,000. Finally, the training for mastering the software is a very important cost.

For training in the use of the software, the cost depends on the number of sessions. Here are some price estimates you should keep in mind :

  • 1 or 2 sessions cost $ 500
  • 3 to 4 sessions cost $ 1,500
  • 5 to 7 sessions are $ 2,500
  • 8 to 10 sessions are $ 5,000

The types of pricing and cost are variable with the crosslink tax software. The acquisition prices depend above all on the needs of the customers. Now you know a little more about the subject.