What are the best places to buy a house in Maryland ?

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Maryland is one of the smallest states in the United States. It is now very popular thanks to the development of its trade linked to tourism and the diversity of its economy. The people of Maryland are among the top earners in the United States. If you want to settle there, here are some places that might interest you!


Columbia is located on the outskirts of Baltimore, in the state of Maryland. This city, made up of over 103,000 inhabitants, is a great place to raise a family.

The city of Colombia is also a good option for companies that are looking for graduate employees and families looking for good schools. The prices of houses in this city are affordable. They are around a median value of $365,500.

North Potomac

North Potomac is a locality in Maryland designated by census. It is ranked by Forbes as one of the richest regions in America.

North Potomac has a near zero crime rate. As for the unemployment rate, it is borderline, insignificant. This place is among the top school districts in the United States with a 96% high school graduation rate.

Salaries at the North Potomac often exceed $150,000. This means that the standard of living is more expensive there, unlike the city of Columbia.


A residential suburb of the city of Washington, Bethesda is a city of over 63,000 residents. Many of the people in this city work in Columbia. The town takes its name from Bethesda Meeting Cover, a local church.

Bethesda was awarded the title of America’s Most Educated City by Forbes. Which is due to the fact that it is home to the best public schools in the state. The income of each household averages $144,772. The crime rate in this city is low compared to other areas of the state. On the other hand, houses are very expensive. Also, despite the high standard of living, Bethesda hosts many festivals and events throughout the year.


Olney is a town in Maryland with over 35,100 residents. The Olney School District continues to perform well.

The city is very attached to art. The pride of place is also offered to artists in Olney. This is why infrastructures such as:

  • the Olney Theater;
  • the Olney Concert Band;
  • the Olney Big Band.

The region is also full of green spaces for athletes and families who go out.


With over 65,000 residents, Gaithersburg is one of America’s most diverse cities. The cost of living there is affordable. Homes cost an average of $366,000 on average.

Also, half of the households in this city are young families who will be able to benefit from an efficient private school system. The crime rate is very low there. The nights are usually busy and the chances of getting a job are high.

All these aspects make the city of Gaithersburg attracting a lot of people. Households have a median income of $80,730.