How to remove a bank account from paypal ?

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PayPal remains the biggest online payment service used all over the world. However, customers have started having problems with their payment systems and are looking at alternatives. One key PayPal problem is when users try to remove their bank account from PayPal. To remove your bank account from PayPal without hassles, we will discuss the steps and reasons people do so.

Some problems associated with PayPal

PayPal is a renowned payment service, however, it usually comes with some baggage like

High charges when receiving funds

Registering with PayPal is free, however the firm charges for business transactions. What this implies is that if you are making money using their service, you get charged. Those using the business account are charged about 3% and about 40 cents when receiving funds.

PayPal freezes accounts regularly

The PayPal firm suspends accounts without warning and anytime, which is bad for business. PayPal’s software is usually noticed suspicious activities in your account and suspends you automatically, which will affect the money in your account.

Extra Bank fees

Most banks mandate an additional transduction fee when funds are transferred from your PayPal account to your bank. The fees vary from one bank to another.

Reasons for the removal of bank account from PayPal

There are several reasons why people may wish to delete their bank accounts from PayPal, they include

Change of Bank

For personal reasons, people regularly change the banks they use for transactions. This might be because of better offers, low interest rates, or work reasons. When an individual has changed account, it is paramount he deletes his account in PayPal and replaces it with a new account.

Safety reasons

Many individuals don’t feel comfortable leaving their bank accounts on the PayPal platform. Therefore, they tend to immediately remove it when they complete their transaction. With the number of fake emails and online scams associated with PayPal, this is important.

Account inadequacies

Some accounts are affected by several problems which may be the reason some people want to remove them. There is no point in having an account for transactions which isn’t active.

How does one remove a bank account from PayPal?

Here are some steps to successfully remove your bank details from your PayPal account:

Log into your PayPal account

The first step is to sign in to your account. Please clear the cookies from your browser to make sure your data isn’t saved.

Proceed to the payment methods section

When you get to this section choose from the payment methods shown, credit cards, bank account, and others. You will find all the accounts you add in the left section of the page.

Pick a Bank account

With PayPal, there are usually primary and secondary accounts. You will choose the ones you want to delete.

Press the bank removal button

There is an option where you can click on the bank account you want to remove. Choose these options and successfully delete the account you want.

Confirm your changes

Sometimes, the changes take time to be affected, when you delete your bank account. Log out and sign in to confirm if truly your bank account has been successfully removed.

Talk to PayPal customer service

When all your efforts to delete your account fails, contact their customer service to help you out.

Although PayPal remains a top payment service globally, there are several issues they have that may require a customer to delete his bank account.