How to install atom live server ?

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Working on a static site is not an easy task. This is because of the technical difficulties associated with the lack of a means to activate a local preview of your design. The atom-live-server package is one of the efficient, quick, and easy ways to overcome this difficulty. To enjoy the benefits of this software, you must first install it. How then to proceed with its installation? Discover all the steps to get there!

Open Atom

Atom-live-server is a tool for working on various projects that can be executed on a website. It may already be included in the software package installed on some workstations. For other items on which its absence is noted, it should be recovered. To do this, you need to have a stable internet connection.

Then type in the search engine you are using the URL of the atom-live-server site. The only site for this IT tool is You must check the prefix of this URL and make sure that you have put https and not http. The two do not give the same results.

Operate in the “change call preferences” option

Once on the atom-live-server website, certain steps should be followed carefully in the “change preferences” option. Accessible with the click of a button, this key option allows various modifications to be made for customization purposes. After clicking on it, several sub-options will appear on your screen. Go straight to “Packages”. At this level too, several icons will tend to determine your choice. However, the one labeled “Parameter display” is the one you should choose.

Then, while using your mouse, successively left-click on the “Install packages” then “Themes” buttons. Among the many packages that will be offered here, you can opt for those that may interest you in addition to atom-live-server. However, there is one more step to complete the actual installation of Atom-live-server.

Enter atom-live-server in the search

Like all computer software, atom-live-server must be searched precisely in a search engine. Precision in research matters a lot, especially since there are many tools with similar names to atom-live-server. To avoid any trap, do not rely on the suggestions made by the search engine. Enter the name of the software “atom-live-server” yourself in full. You have to be careful with the wording. Indeed, be reassured of the presence of the two dashes between atom and live on the one hand and between live and server on the other hand.

One more precision: the word atom being written in the English language, you must absolutely avoid putting the letter “e” at the end. When you have correctly entered the name of the software in the search engine, you must validate your search. As a result, you will have the software icon on your screen along with its name and weight in kilobytes (KB) or Millibytes (O). Finally, click on the Install button of the package and wait a moment.